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Re: star trek 3 without jjabrams

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It's worse. A bunch of ungifted dilettantes are in charge.
You have no clue what you are talking about.

I guess they don't want to wait for the King of Lens Flares to finish with all those other projects.
Wow, yet another joke about lens flares! I've been hearing this silly joke for four years and it never gets old!

Why not?
You stated that you think he should not make the films anymore. I asked you why. "Why not" isn't a valid answer.

The man is a con artist.
Yep, he conned people out of $300 million dollars of their money, and looks to be about to do the same thing again four years later. And in all that time nobody's caught on to his dastardly deeds. He's a con artist, alright!
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