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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

If Hanks and Spielberg really want to impress, he'd do something of that ilk from the Luftwaffe perspective. Depicting some Germans as "good" wouldn't really be new ground for him, and it would make for an interesting spin.

Aside from the Battle of Brittan, the B-17 corps, and the Tuskegee guys (all three of which have been done), there really weren't that many great allied areal tales in the European theater. At least, there wasn't nothing to compare to the German masters like Schnaufer, Hartmann, Marseille, etc.

Most of those guys were just men doing their job and some of them had interesting stories, Hartmann in particular. For starters, he is probably the single greatest fighter pilot of all time--even over Richthofen, Immelman, and the like. Other than having the most kills, his biggest claim to fame was he never lost a wingman. For anyone who's ever played the Ace Combat games, Yellow 13 was based on him.

However, many thought he was unfairly persecuted by the Russians after the war and made a martyr of. And eventually several American and British pilots came to his defense simply out of respect.
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