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Re: Early color footage (1922 kodachrome film test)

It's interesting how much "for granted" we take all of the technology we have today especially when it comes to capturing images and sound. Back when these young women were filmed in color for one of the first times it probably wasn't even conceivable to professionals in the field the things we can do today with image capturing. Ultra-High Resolution, 3D, deep colors, hell even taking pictures of things that are invisible to the naked eye on Earth but are galaxies millions of lightyears away. The Hubble Deep Field image would probably blow the minds of those working with images back then.

This image I always found neat too:

Said to be the first image of a person captured on camera. (On the street corner.) Taking at a time when cameras were just becoming a thing and had very long exposure times. Such long exposure times anything moving in the field of vision to the camera was invisible. The people/person in the corner is likely getting his shoes shined so just happened to be standing still long enough for the camera to capture him. In "reality" there would've been a good deal of pedestrian and cart traffic on the road and sidewalk. The picture is from 1838.
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