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Re: Worf does an explosive fart...

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Damn, you can see the paint peeling off the set.
Klingon farts will do that.

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One thing that always disappointed me about Generations was that they finally upgrade the bridge only to blow it up forever.
I think it looks terrific in GENERATIONS, really lush and like a proper command centre. But I'm less convinced it would have worked on television... I like the more "stripped down" look/feel of the television version, and while the additional console stations on the port and starboard sides look great in the widescreen shots of the movie, I think it would have made a lot of scenes look far too "busy" in the more 'up close' 4:3 television aspect ratio. Ironically enough, TNG's plain walls worked very much in its favor in this respect, as it didn't unduly draw attention away from the actor's performances.
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