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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

12. Hansel & Gretel-Witch Hunters: C-
13. Parker: B-
14. Bullet to the Head: B+
15. Judge Dredd(1995): C
16: The Mist: B+

Judge Dredd: After the excellent Karl Urban version I decided to finally revisit this film. It's as mediocre as I recall. As a film it is, I'm still not some JD well of knowledge. I did like the bikes and hyper-stylized costumes better. Those did match more to what I have read when I've read some JD books. I contend that simply removing the Rob Schneider character from the movie would boost it an entire letter grade. The ABC robot is fairly cool. Diane Lane is the only exposure to Judge Hersey I have, I understand she is an actual comic Judge. Anderson is the one I always see referenced but my exposure is limited. The crazy family in the Cursed Earth also didn't help. When they were on screen I felt the film dipped into too much camp territory. I also don't recall Dredd and Rico having such weird eyes, seems they had some contacts in for that affect. I think the final fight sequence is adequate considering the material and stars, till Schneider is the one who takes out the ABC robot(odd, missed opportunity for it vs JD imo).

The Mist: I expected this to be a nearly straight up knock off of Carpenter's The Fog. It uses the same set up "there's something in the Mist/Fog". Here though instead of vengeful ghouls from beyond it's and invading horde of sci-fi creatures from another dimension. Thanks nearby secretive military post! The movie also contains two leads from Walking Dead(which is more interesting as a side bar now of course). I also recognized the actress who played the Electric Powered bounty hunter from Angel(and was in Clash of the Titans). It had a great cast with others you'd recognize also. The movie ends rather depressingly though. I wont' go into it if you haven't seen it despite it being 5-6yrs old by now. A rather solid film imo. I got curious and checked out it's BO numbers and it seems it did fair vs it's budget. Good cause I like Thomas Jane as well as the hero dad who ends up losing it all really.

Tomorrow: Die Hard Cinema Movie Marathon at Regal Theaters. This time tomorrow(3pm CST) I'll be just starting DH2.
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