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Re: Fantastic artist's representations of interstellar spacecraft

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Thank you. so as the ship approaches the speed of light the dilation increases? Just out of curiosity how did Trek address this issue when ships were traveling close to light speed but at sub light speeds but at impulse as they approached the speed of light? Especially where their "warp field," was disabled? Wouldn't they also face the dilation

I'm guessing they did not. Nonetheless it's a problem with super fast speeds created in the real world because the people traveling at them wouldn't know anyone when arriving at their destination who was living when they left.
It's not canon, but the TNG Technical Manual made by members of the show's art department established that in addition to impulse engines generating a low-level subspace field, most sublight flights are limited to a top speed of 0.25c (full impulse), with faster speeds up to 0.92c and beyond possible, but not desired for lengthy flights due to time dilation effects that would still wreck mission timetables, if nothing else.

But back to the OP, I love those spacecraft designs and wish there was a dramatic TV series where they'd be featured regularly.
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