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Re: a 198'' model of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701-A

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thanks blsswlf for the suggestion. I will look into it.

i'll try another question, this one regarding the interior of a nacelle. Is there an official or a most accepted version of the inside? I was thinking about combining elements from these sources: Constitution blueprints, Jackill's seems to have two versions. Found a simple schematics in Schmidt Starfleet dynamics also.

I think it's blssdwlf who came up with a design with moving parts at the end of the TOS nacelles. Found this very clever. Mind if I borrow your idea and incorporate it in this model?
This sounds like an awesome idea - looking forward to seeing the progress.

As for interior design, the interior pieces you get with the Polar Lights kit seem to be close to "accepted", as far as I can tell. Other good resources:
Y'know, this project reminds me of something I read about Douglas Trumball, when he was working on TMP, I recall he originally wanted a super-large scale model of the refit, around this size you're planning, so that viewers could get a real idea of the scale of the ship. The idea was obviously nixed in favor of what was eventually built, but this definitely feels like it's in the same spirit. Good luck!
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