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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

4x19-Prodigy: I liked this episode a lot. Hope she gets to be the Wesley Crusher/Lucas of the show although I somehow doubt it. She'll probably just die next time we see her, if we see her at all. The young brash trying to prove herself cadet who finally meets "The Great Sam Carter" to whom she's been constantly compared. Sci-Fi shows never run out of the tropes of the scientists here who just have no respect or understanding of the dangers of interstellar travel. Even when things seem ok. Solid episode!

4x20-Entity: Poor Carter this is the second time her minds been dumped into a computer, right? First time was the robot. This episode felt like it was sampling moments from Johnny Mnemonic, Matrix or TekWar(what little I saw of that). A decent episode but it didn't overly wow me.

4x21-Double Jeopardy: HaHa, just as last episode made me recall the SG-1 robots this episode had them! Loved this episode. Best one in this grouping imo. The SG-1 robots are out doing missions, uh oh! I know there was a slight bit of dialogue that suggested, as robot-O'Neill lay there "dying", that he might yet be repaired. Still, robot-Daniel is dead and can't be reconstituted I'm guessing.

4x22-Exodus: I know other shows use this method of an intro but this episode just starts with, "Oh, by the way while you were away SG-1 captured a Gou'ald mothership". So they are taking their prize to the Tok'ra to help them relocate their hidden base. It's also a ploy to uncover the spy in their midst. Props for another throw back reference to the planet where the Black Hole is sucking everything in. Pretty cool visual of the Stargate encased in a forcefield as it floats out the cargo hold. When the episode ends and our team has been flung to the farside of the universe I had vibes of ST:VOY. Knew that couldn't last so how are we getting back?

Onward to season 5, almost halfway now. I seem to be averaging about a season per month since I started late Sep, I need to get cracking for Feb., short month and all.

Note: I noticed I had mis-numbered. I typed out 4x7 twice in post 108 which I caught when I saw the numbering was only going to be 21 episodes.
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