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Re: So I started with this show...

CGI vs. models? I suppose it still depends on the quality of the CGI and/or the quality of the models and how they are filmed. I've always enjoyed Babylon 5, despite my initial need to shift my mind to get accustomed to the CGI look of that production. The CGI of nBSG is -for me- quite a jump in quality over the visuals that they we able to create for B5. I love Star Trek TOS, but the special effects for that show are not in the same league as something like what we see in nBSG. Although I think it is interesting to see what they have done for TOS Remastered, I still am very fond of the original special effects. The beat-up, re-numbered model of the Constellation rotating slowly in space, however, just can't compare to that sequence in TOS-R where the rock hits the battered primary hull of the Constellation, bounces, and shatters.

Same goes for Original Galactica effects. While I am fond of them, and I respect and enjoy them for what they are, they would look crude and dated if those techniques were used in a production made today.

To simply prefer old special effects may be a case of personal taste and nostalgia (and this is everyone's right), but those factors don't hold up well when objectively comparing the quality of the effects.
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