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Re: The CW Renews Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Arrow

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supernatural hasn't been decent since season five,,,I stopped watching it last year,,,it'll end up being the case of another show continuing passed its expiration date.
Supernatural has had it's ups and downs for a few seasons, but they introduced a new concept to the show two weeks ago that feels fresh, and many fans feel it could revitalize the show. If you liked it before, it may be a good time to try it again.

Look for the episode "As Time Goes By."
Personally, I think that they need to make Felicia Day's character a semi regular and make her one of the new Men of Letters. She really does seem to add something to the character dynamic on the show. She is the first woman to really bond with Dean in a non-romantic way and actually came across like someone he could talk to. Thats HUGE since the man does not talk to anyone.

An interesting direction might be to have Sam build a new MoL, have Dean replace Bobby as the heart of the Hunters and have Castiel really take charge in Heaven. Then have them all band together to hold back the forces of hell.
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