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Re: Spielberg, Hanks and HBO's grudge against the Navy persists...

I assume the "masterpiece" portion of the Red Tails comment was jest...I hope.

I'm excited for this. I've always wanted to see a big budget WWII ariel combat miniseries, especially in line with BoB and The Pacific. However, I agree with you that I do hope at some point that they make a Pacific based Naval Miniseries. Just being able to see the Battles of Midway and Leyte Gulf with modern VFX work would be quite the experience. It would actually fit perfectly inline with what they have done so far, from the American perspective. They showed an example of ground combat in Europe in BoB, and an example of ground combat and island hopping in the west in The Pacific. Now they're going back to show the other major portion of the European campaign, the ariel war. I'd actually be kind of shocked if they didn't make a miniseries to show the last major portion of the war, the Pacific Naval Campaign.

I actually just finished reading The Admirals, which is a biography of the 4 Five-Star Admirals during the war, Leahy, Halsey, Nimitz and King. A miniseries based upon that book, and their lives would be extremely interesting.
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