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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

Matters of Honor - The new opening was interesting, with Ivanova's narration instead of Sheridan's. I'm guessing that they changed the MedLab set, based off the dialog. Also, Garibaldi has a new haircut, which actually took me a few scenes to notice. Londo breaking ties with Morden was interesting, although it seems like he's just moved on and started working with another centauri (unless I misinterpreted what was said). The first thing I thought when the intelligence agent was there and they gave talked about giving him a room, was wether EarthGov made agents pay rent. Delenn not identifying the ship without lying was a pretty simple dodge, good thing the agent didn't ask and harder questions to her. Londo's dream was interesting. The fight with Marcus, Delenn and Lennier was done well, although thye extendable pole looked goofy when it first appeared. The Rangers are less of a secret, atleast to non hyuman governments, then I thought. The White Star looks cool. This episode made me wonder something. Does B5 have translation devices? I don't see every human and alien who comes into contact with each other to have to learn the languages of every alien, in fact that actually makes no sense. On B5, there has never been a point where they don't understand each other. Sheridan can talk to any alien, and any alien, even the ones who aren't ambassadors or super important, can talk to everyone else. I doubt every alien on the station not only learned english, but also the language of every other alien species. Now, there may be just one language used by everyone (either English or something else) but that still requires everyone to learn a language, and I just don't see it happening. G'Kar's story about the Shadows was interesting. The fight with the Ehite star and the shadows was cool, especially the end. I didn't know big ships couldn't make jump points (the narn cruisers from a few episodes ago looked pretty big, and they could make jump points, but I guess they weren't as big as I thought). Seeing earthGov and PsiCorps working with Morden was interesting, but I kind of expected it at this point. Overall, I liked this episode. It was a good beginning to the season.

Convictions - The beginning was kind of weird, atleast when it comes to Lennier's behavior. Lennier was annoyed by a guy, so he lied to him. Then, Lennier was caught in an explosion, so I guess I know now why Minbari don't lie What was the justification for the lie? He obviously didn't have anything that was "transferable by physical contact", but I'm assuming that he worded the lie in some way I missed so that it wasn't a lie. I like how Londo can be an ass, but he's still not a bad guy. His scenes with Lennier in MedLab were very good. G'Kar and Londo trapped in the elevator were great scenes, although it makes me wonder, again, why there is no personnel communication devices for people besides station personnel. You'd thing atleast ambassadors would be able to get soimething lkike the link the B5 staff has, in case of emergencies. And its not like stuff like this hasn't come up before. G'Kar's reaction to the situation was really entertaining. The bomber was played a bit too cartoony (I don't know if it was the actor's fault or the writing) but it didn't ruin the story, I just wish he'd seemed a bit more like a person that would actually exist. The end scene in the elevator was good. Overall, I enjoyed this episode.
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