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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

^^^ I'm starting to wonder what defines "legal" in Storybrook now. Is the town holden to the laws and precepts of the State of Maine or the Constitution and laws of the United States, even if (until recently) it didn't appear on any map anywhere and was in an isolated magical bubble? Storybrook follows many of the conventions of local government but, having been "off the grid" for so long, so to speak, and coming from a realm that largely follows a quasi-medieval feudal/monarchical system of governance, how much of these rules (i.e. Henry's parentage) really apply? Emma and Charming(David) have both been sheriffs of the town, but they certainly don't act like one would expect a sheriff to act in this day and age.

Seems to me that, to the people of an ancient and magical world, bloodline counts for more than paper.
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