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Re: Americans totally deluded about NASA's budget

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I doubt highly that this country will finance a mission to Mars. I think that it will be done by a private enterprise. It's difficult enough to rationalize the need to build and maintain infrastructure in this nation with one party voting against it constantly because "the government spends too much money".
It's even more difficult to rationalize commercial interest in space when there is no money to be made. This is the reason why government has had to set the pace in space research and development funding, there is no money to be made sending people into the cosmos. Not yet anyway, and there won't be until public funding lays the ground work for decades to come.

What private company is going to be able to afford spending $150 billion to send some people to Mars without a relatively quick return on investment? The first steps on mars certainly aren't going to result in short term, massive colonizing and mining and construction on the planet. We're still trying to figure out how to catch a nearby asteroid and haul it into orbit to mine it, let alone a way to justify a private enterprise spending tens of billions of dollars to put men on Mars "just because".
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