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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

stj -

Speaking of which, King George gets to be forgiven Evil Kingdom. I suppose Regina can't be, because women are truly evil. As to the custody issue, skipping over Maine law, the sad truth is that the parenting skills of Emma, Snow and Charming are not as obvious as the show seems to think. I doubt Lana Parilla is actually much (any?) older than Goodwin, Morrison or Dallas, but somehow she seems so much more adult.
Snow's response annoyed me. I know that Regina has done some horrible things, but Henry is legally Regina's child. She raised him until he is what? 12?

Emma gave up all rights and has never to my knowledge attempted to regain those rights.

Yes Regina was out of communication. Fine that makes sense. But, would it have not been better to point out the threat Cora posed and say Henry was safer out of town?

Instead, Snow says that Emma does not have to clear it with Regina? BS

Henry is basically at a sleepover. Regina is that kid's mom.
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