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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

Beyond the Death of Lori Berserk, this is the first time the group has really seen Rick lose it, is it not? I count zombie rampage death + telephone delusions as one event.

He does not want to be responsible for more people. That is how I took his comment about Oscar. Oscar came in. Oscar went out and Rick is carrying guilt over every passing.

The Rick of last season seemed very willing to help others out. The fear of loss is shaping him.

I liked the flip flop. Last season Rick wanted sanctuary and Herschel did not want to add to his group. Now Herschel wants to let people in and Rick is closing them off.

I liked Carol's comparison of her abusive relationship with her husband to that of Darly and Merle. I always thought of Merle as abusive toward Daryl.
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