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Re: The Dog Thread: Our Furry Family and Friends

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Nerys Ghemor, I couldn't agree more. We call such things "torture breeding". They really ought to get forbidden. So many dogs with hanging lips or drooping eye lids suffer all their lives from painful inflammations. Dogs with shortened noses like Pekinese or Boxers have breathing trouble. Bull Terriers with their contorted legs have to endure horrible joint pains, Dachshunds regularly suffer from slipping discs and the list goes on and on.
Yeah. And the sad part with dogs is, unlike with cats, I'm not sure the true breeds--without those deformities--still exist. With cats, for example, if you're lucky you can still find what's called a doll-faced Persian, which is bred in a much healthier manner than the Peke-faced Persian.

It gave me hope when recently the Crufts dog show in the UK rejected some dogs due to torture breeding (GREAT term for it!). I hope that someday public opinion really and truly turns against that sort of thing.

Btw, the cutting of ears and tails or de-clawing is illegal in Germany unless it's for medical reasons. We have pretty much the strictest pet-protection laws in the world, I believe.
That's very fortunate...I hope the US will someday follow suit.
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