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Re: Help name the moons of Pluto

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Just the latin names then?
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I don't see why not. Just like the other planets.
[...] "Terra" is just the Latin word for earth, as in "terra firma;" it's not the name of a deity like the other planet names. As I said, Tellus would be the correct name if you wanted Earth to be named per the same Roman-deity convention as the other planets.
Not all planetary names are Latin. Uranus and Pluto are Greek. Earth is in fact not only called terra but also Gaia in both astrological and astronomical context.
There you have your name
With a slight vocal shift (from ai to e) it is also part of the words apogeum and perigeum (biggest and closest distance of an object to earth), geology (literally earth science), geography (lit: earth writing/drawing) and geocentric view (the belief that the universe revolts around Earth).
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