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Re: The Mysterious Cities of Gold - Part 2

Sorry for bringing this old thread back to life but I just wanted to let anyone who is interested know episode 1 and 2 aired of the new season 2 with regular airing starting in March. Very difficult to find online at the moment and only in French.

My first impressions, loved it! Also shocked how much French I was able to pick up, my wife was like, "Holy crap, since when do you understand French?!" LOL!

The animation flowed, the story was a nice starter. All the characters felt right and seeing the golden condor was great. There is even a great surprise regarding the condor, the design has most certainly been upgraded. I guessing the kids have had enough time to learn some nice hidden secrets about the condor.

It was great seeing new mcog in for the first time in almost 3 decades. Now for it to be dubbed in english, here is hoping they can get as much of the old cast back as possible for the voice acting, that would be the icing on the gold cake!
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