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Re: Klingon augment virus/Into Darkness Klingons

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According to "Affliction"/"Divergence" one Klingon colony world was infected with the Augment virus. Therefore both smooth and bumpy Klingons should have co-existed in the Empire, even though we never saw it on TV or film (this was, however, depicted in the post-series Enterprise novels and a few old TOS ones too)

In Into Darkness we'll see about a dozen Klingons, but only 3 or 4 of them unmasked - and since what's under the masks of the others isn't revealed, some could very well be smooth-headed. So no continuity error, IMO.
That's a good, plausible explanation. Still, I would like to see some smoothed-headed Klingons. It would be a nice homage to TOS. Do we know for certain that there won't be any smoothed-headed Klingons?
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