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With about 1.2 billion, in a worldwide membership growing about as fast as the world's total population, if not faster, statements to the effect that the Catholic Church is literally dying are completely contrary to reality.
Fair point, though I think lvsxy808 meant that its traditional structures were showing considerable strain and that the official trappings of the religion were (perhaps) weakening, even if the number of adherents and followers remains strong. The Church itself could be seen as on the decline even if Catholics as a creed aren't?

After all, it was the Klingon Empire that was said to be dying, not the Klingon species or the Klingon culture .
Agreed. According to my local news station that increase in membership is almost entirely in Africa and Asia. Membership in North America and a lot of Europe has been on a steady decline. They indicated the number of priests in Canada has seen a very sharp decline. (This ex-catholic did a happy dance upon receiving that happy news!...if enough of "the faithful" reject its antiquated doctrine the establishment will have to adapt or die).
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