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Re: Best pure humor episodes

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For honorable mention, even though it is not a comedy episode in the slightest, I would nominate the teaser from "The Pegasus." The entire Captain Picard Day scene is hilarious, IMHO. Stewart and Frakes sell it brilliantly.
Yeah, it's at times hard to believe that scene is from The Pegasus, given that the rest of the episode is so deadly serious. The same episode which has Riker facing actions from his past which could potentially end his career starts off with Riker playing with a Captain Picard doll.
I think that's part of what makes that episode work so well. It starts off with this ridiculous farce, which totally works against the seriousness of the rest of the episode. It makes the rest seem even darker, by comparrison.

As for the rest, I honestly don't think of them as comedies. True, many episodes have more than their share of humor, but there's always SOME serious element to the episode. To me, the term comedy sounds like Spock will be running around with a woopie cushion.
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