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Re: MLB Offseason 2012

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Yeah, but in my opinion Bourn was lucky to get even that deal. He was expensive and there were cheaper substitutes that could provide the same service which were obvsioulsy taken first i.e. Revere in Philly and Span in Washington.
With a career OPS+ below 100, Bourn was absolutely pricing himself outside of his market when he opened the offseason looking for a contract north of $100 million. This new deal, however, is probably pretty decent value, and at that price, there are at least ten other teams that should have been in on him. I'll give you Span, but Revere? He has one skill, which is "run really fast." Beyond that, he has no value to any team; that trade was hilariously lopsided and a classic example of "Rube gonna Rube."
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