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Re: No attempt to clone The Big Bang Theory yet?

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You guys are missing something here. How did Leonard manage to avoid seeing the movies and also internet chatter before finally reading the book for that even to still be a spoiler?

Hell, I'm not a Potter fan, but I've at least seen the movies and read online all the major plot points without having opened the books.

I personally found it strange that he didn't know the spoiler already. It's just one of the many details the writers get wrong on the show when dealing with "nerd culture".
The only thing that I know about Harry Potter is that there is a school for witchcraft and a girl named Hermione. I haven't read any books or seen any of the movies. I just have zero interest in it. I can't be the only one.
That's like saying that Star Trek has a ship and a guy with pointed ears. Technically correct, but next to useless in characterizing it.
Which was kind of the point. One can be a geek/nerd but know next to nothing about a particular franchise that doesn't interest you.
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