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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I think the series is succumbing to Hollywood cliches about an apocalyptic scenario. I don't feel this show has the momentum to keep going after a fourth year.
Nonetheless, they pulled in big numbers last night - an all time high yet again. But I agree, if the series starts to wander aimlessly and the plots start to become a rinse repeat of fight the zombies and the other nasty bad alive people - over and over ad nausea - people will get tired of that quickly and won't stick around.

One of the reasons I liked season one so much is we uncovered why the Apocalypse happened. More investigation into that and a potential cure is needed.

Also, some back story on how the world fell apart would be interesting too.

ETA: One thing is notably different - there sure isn't the same level of interest on the TrekBBS as last season on posting about the show - so if this place is any indication about the future of the show they may be in trouble.

Walking Dead Ratings
AMC’s The Walking Dead returned last night from its third-season break with 12.3 million viewers, a series high for the zombie apocalypse drama. Up against the Grammys, the 9 PM midseason premiere pulled in 7.7 million viewers among Adults 18-49, a basic-cable record for a series and up 6% from the show’s previous high for its October 14 season premiere. In total, 16.6 million viewers watched Walking Dead last night combining the 9 PM premiere and 11 PM, midnight and 2 AM encores on AMC. The series was back Sunday for the last eight episodes of its third season after a break of more than two months.

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