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Re: What examples of multiple species from one world are there?

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From the TV series: the world of the Vori and Kradin, apparently, from Voyager. Unless one of the races colonized in antiquity.
Also the Ledosians and their offshoot species the Ventu in "Natural Law."

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To Earth, I would add the Voth and Clan Ru.
Except that Clan Ru didn't evolve sapience on Earth, but their ancestors were transplanted by some Preserver-type race and evolved into Clan Ru on another world. And I prefer to believe the same was true of the Voth (and that their ancestors were most likely transplanted by the same group), since that's more credible than the characters' conjecture in-episode that their ancestors evolved a starfaring civilization on Earth that somehow left no evidence in the geological record. (Even if they had somehow remained limited to land masses that subsequently submerged or eroded away, an industrial civilization would've caused atmospheric and environmental changes that would leave a chemical footprint in the corresponding stratum.)

Do we know anything more about the relation between Dopterians and Ferengi? (Might add the Kobheerians - they look almost like the Dops).
I'm assuming some ancient common ancestor that colonized or seeded multiple worlds. It's been known to happen in Trek...
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