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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

I don't get people claiming this show isn't "dark." It may not be in-your-face with the doom and gloom, but let's remember:

* Regina and Cora have both killed people by pulling out their "hearts" and grinding them into dust.
* Rumple is possibly responsible for even more deaths than Regina and has, on more than one occasion, killed people by transforming them into other animals/objects (and then sometimes destroying them.)
* In the most recent episode, humans invaded the realm of the giants, attacked them with poison arrows, and massacred a basically innocent family just so they could raid their treasure.
* Regina virtually annihilated the world they all came from and cursed hundreds(?) of people out of her insane jealousy of and hatred for Snow White.
* King George is pretty vile himself, threatening to murder a mother to gain her son's cooperation in a massive political fraud to secure King Midas' trust and money.

There's a lot of violence and psychotic behavior in this show, even if much of it is implied rather than shown. Not dark? What show are you guys watching?
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