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Re: ENT Caption Contest #88: A Very Special Episode

Thanks for the tag team win!

Archer: I like her! She reminds me of a baseball I once knew.

Hoshi: So you ALL have eight inch tongues?
Feezal: And you don't?
Trip: Uhhh....

Phlox: You're pregnant. Why doesn't anyone around here use a Calrissian condom???

T'Pol (thinking): Let's see ... Bible, tooth-whitening kit, Handbook of Lame Opening Lines ..... All I need is a plain skirt suit and I'll be ready for my next stint as a Jehovah's Witness in Space.

Forrest (OS): The Vulcans want to keep your security deposit on the NX-01. They say there's a dent in the starboard nacelle and cigarette burns in the carpeting on E deck.
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