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Re: 3-D Anniversary Special

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I went to the Doctor Who exhibition in Cardiff and they have a fantastic 3D short, the effects were very, very good and wowed everyone watching! The best 3D I'd ever seen actually... looked more 'solid' then Avatar even in my opinion!
High praise, indeed, considering that so far Avatar is probably the only movie that actually had to be in 3D. Too bad its story sucked.

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Hobbit's 3d was fun. We'll see how this one's is in 20 years or so. (disregard waiting woo)

Anniversaries are the time it's culturally more acceptable to do ridiculous stunts, any other year it'd be way too tacky. It's a rare opportunity that shouldn't be wasted! Worth it if done only once. Celebrating history's important, but let's have fireworks too (even if they're expensive as fuck). Any other year spend the money on more content.
Anniversaries are the time to do ridiculous stunts *as well* - not instead of!
This. Totally this.
"Internet message boards aren't as funny today as they were ten years ago. I've stopped reading new posts." -The Simpsons 20th anniversary special.
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