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Re: So I started with this show...

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Sure the old show was cheesy
Well, yes.

I liked the Original show, but I enjoyed it much more when I was a kid. To me, it does still hold up, but only in the heart of the kid in me.

I don't quite understand your criticism of the animation budget and special effects 'choices' of nBSG when making a comparison to the Original. In the Original, how many times was the same shot(s) used of the gloved hand on the fighter's joystick? (Stargate even spoofed it in the episode "300") How about the Cyclon raiders coming towards the viewer and -for some reason- smoothly dropping down some invisible stair step? The only time Galactica does something dynamic is the stock footage where she is shown from behind banking hard to the left. Even as a kid, I tired of the (undoubtedly necessary) overuse of stock footage.

In nBSG there were so many cool and BEAUTIFUL shots of Galactica moving though space (like when she gently moves up & rolls a bit before she jumps). How about the Cylon fighters poring out of the Base Stars like swarms of angry ants pouring out of a damaged at hill? I thought these effects were awesome.

I do kind of wish that we had heard some of the kick-ass toasters speaking in that electronic voice, and I thought the CGI of them was not always convincing, but -on the other hand-whenever we saw the the Cyclons of the original series in any fight scene, the illusion was lost. At that point, I saw guys walking around in a costume with bad metallic "skirts".

I am fond of the Original series, but as an adult that has seen special effect continually improve over the last three decades, I enjoy nBSG much more. And the stories & plot lines are now more engaging.

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