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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

I have never had any problem with packaging from Amazon as long as it was sold by Amazon themselves. I have always gotten my toys in an actual box from them. The last Star Wars figure I ordered came in a box and was very near perfect. Now their vendors, I have had tons of trouble from them. Several months ago I sent an item back to a seller because they had put a carded figure in a regular envelope and chucked it into the post. When I received it the packaging had been flattened and the figure was broken into several pieces. I bought a CD from someone last summer and it was placed in a plain brown envelope with no padding. When it arrived the case was dust and the CD ruined. Now I rarely buy anything fragile unless it is actually coming from Amazon themselves. If you are careful you should not have any trouble.

But to be honest, I am an opener. Toys can not be left in the packaging. I have to play with it a little and everything is displayed. I don't care if the packaging comes a little beat up as long as the item itself is in perfect condition. I am a hardcore collector's nightmare.
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