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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 72; Cover-up

Sisko: "Reminds me of that hotbox on that Janeway clone's no tech planet. Ah, happy times."

Garak: "I was just trying to be of assistance. And when it comes to interrogation, it is a skill that must be honed, regularly practiced. Besides, I don't see Odo complaining."
Sisko: "Five hours of physiological and psychological pressure, followed by humilation, and the threat of physical pain is not how we in the Federation conduct interrogations."
Garak: "Much to your detriment as a political entity I must note, given the frequency at which your security is circumvented."
Sisko: "All Molly O'Brien did was pinch a jumja stick from a vendor on the promenade. And she apologised. She's not a member of the Maquis, the Tal Shiar or a Changeling."
Garak: "That's what she says."

Quark: "Nice ass."
Kira: "Quark!"
Quark: "Hmm, I didn't see you there, Major."

Kira: "I'm worried about him. He didn't even notice me when I was working on the console. And I stay toned, work out regularly, Bajorobics class after prayers."
Odo: "Bashir reversed the operation. Quark is no longer Lumba."
Kira: "He's still wearing the earing. I dunno, maybe Bashir left his hormones out of whack."
Quark os: "Who's up for fairy cake. I baked some special?"

"And tonight's Late Show Top Ten inferior species to Cardassians is... " drum roll
Sisko: "Why are we watching this... again?"
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