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Re: ENT Caption Contest #88: A Very Special Episode

When the crew couldn't get R & R, Archer at least brought some R & R to the crew...

"Hello, Sailor..."

Denobulan: "One at a time or both together, I'll take you both on."
Trip mumbling: "What's Denobulan for 'Ewww'?"

Phlox: "She broke two of your ribs, and sucked your testes completely dry."
Travis: "Wow! What a woman."
Phlox: "Makes me proud to be her husband."

T'Pol: "The vibratomax 6000. Where is it? Don't tell me I left it back home?"

Archer: "Oh my God! Don't tell me..."
T'Pol: "Future guy is..."
Archer: "Lwaxana Troi?"
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