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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

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I'm beginning to feel that Once Upon a a time is made for 10 year olds.

It's so PG.

Nothing truly dark has happened in the longest time.
Good. I'm tired of shows that confuse "dark" and "adult."
On one level the show is a Disney product placement. Looking for dark is sort of deranged.

On another level, of course, there is an enormous amount of darkness. I refer of course to the stygian night of mediaevalism in the Magic Kingdom. You do realize that its portrayal of life for the average person (as opposed to the happy heroes and heroines who star in a fairy tale,) is grimly Hobbesian, don't you? In a sense it is unbelievably cynical to expect the majority of people to want to return to happy serfdom. I should think a happy ending for the series would be for Regina to cross town lines, ending all her miseries about magic. Then everyone in town who doesn't have a speaking role could stay in this world, living much happier lives under her mayoralty. After all, it certainly isn't Evil Queendom.

Speaking of which, King George gets to be forgiven Evil Kingdom. I suppose Regina can't be, because women are truly evil. As to the custody issue, skipping over Maine law, the sad truth is that the parenting skills of Emma, Snow and Charming are not as obvious as the show seems to think. I doubt Lana Parilla is actually much (any?) older than Goodwin, Morrison or Dallas, but somehow she seems so much more adult.
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