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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

The Noah Lessing "incident" is perfectly consistent with The Caretaker: Janeway bends the rules to do the right thing. It's just that you can't imagine an alternative idea of what was right. That isn't character inconsistency.

The Maquis are kind of unbelievable, but it doesn't matter. Chakotay has no reason to fight a civil war with Janeway. Again, it just seems as though you can't imagine not wanting to, but that's not character inconsistency: Chakotay knew in the pilot episode that they were all together and their differences were as remote and pointless as the Cardassians. Drama is about making choices. Janeway is the Captain, the one who makes the choices, so the show is not going to be about the second.

Kim didn't frequently do anything. Any argument that asserts this fails. He was a token character.

"The character was in a way the innocent sense of wonder, taking in the big new galaxy she'd never dreamt of, a sweet young woman with loads of untapped power which never altered who she was..." I agree.

But your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to sketch how this has anything to do with Voyager, or even Star Trek, which at its average hasn't been big on the heroes god-like power. And at its best has been rather hostile. I could see wanting to watch the Kes show, but wanting to watch it while it's named Voyager is quite unreasonable.

I suppose by "how I see things," you mean "how I feel about things." But Janeway was not particularly inconsistent (especially compared to normal variety of individiual behaviors); Chakotary was not castrated by loyally accepting a female commander but was humiliated by Seska; Kim just wasn't there enough to add or subtract much from Voyager. You will feel about those characters the way you do, but no one is required to accept your rationales.
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