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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

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In the pilot, Janeway was clearly depicted as someone who would bend the regs to do what she thought was right, even at the cost of not getting home. You're imagining inconsistency because you've ignored what's on screen.
I have no problems with Janeway bending the rules, given the situation any CO would need to. But from what I can remember (it has been a while since I saw VOY and gave up on most of S6 and S7) there wasn't any hard-drawn lines for just how far she would or wouldn't go. Many others comment on how inconsistent Janeway was written, I use the Noah Lessing incident as probably the most extreme example.

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There is no reason for such anger. Pointless conflict has no dramatic interest. Petty squabbles would have been dull.
He's from a world that was abandonded by the UFP to maintain the peace with one of the more brutal species they've made contact with, then quits Starfleet to fight for his homeworld and freedom. He's going to be more than a little miffed at that. In the ep where he and Janeway are stranded on the planet he says about how he was always angry, I never got that from the early episodes. Aside from maybe Parallax where he won't be her "token Maquis officer" there really wasn't much differences between them and he just became a bog standard XO. Kira and Sisko butting heads in DS9 was good to watch, with two people having very different goals and priorities having to find common ground to work together. But then again Kira was a better conceived, written and acted character.

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Kim wasn't in enough scenes to whine for years. The handful of Kim episodes was less than 5% of the series. 5% is the rule of thumb for negligible! Also, Garrett Wang was very good looking and certainly fit into the People magazine "Beautiful People" spread. It really seems as though the mere sight of the character enraged you, which is a little odd.
'Enraged'? Please. He is an example of just how poor many characters were (which I believe is the point of this thread, correct me if I'm wrong), as he did nothing and went nowhere--proven by the fact that the PTB almost got rid of him in Scorpion. Had he not been deemed 'beautiful' he would have gone and VOY may have been better for it. As for not in long enough to whine for years, Voyager went missing in 2371 and returned in 2378, I'd call that years and he was frequently the one talking of how much he missed home. The whole rookie thing got old, very fast.

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No, there were no directions for her to pursue on Voyager. It was never clear why the woman was there in the first place. You could have made a show following Kes on her adventures in the Milky Way, but it wouldn't have been Star Trek. Jennifer Lien was very attractive (the voice was gorgeous!) but the actress' sex appeal does not justify the character. If only they'd had enough ruthlessness to ditch Paris and/or Torres, who were also dead end characters.
My personal belief is that Kes was a far more interesting character compared to Seven, but that's my opinion. She wasn't meant to be a 'sex symbol', as she had the acting chops to be more than a walking pair of boobs. The character was in a way the innocent sense of wonder, taking in the big new galaxy she'd never dreamt of, a sweet young woman with loads of untapped power which never altered who she was (until you hit Fury, which throws her totally out of character).

As for Paris, they could have lost him and I wouldn't have cared much. But not Torres, she was one of the few strong characters they had until Seven destroyed the show.

But again, that's just how I see things.
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