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This is a Star Trek board, so I can make this reference and people won't get mad. But this whole thing reminds me of what Ezri said in "Tacking Into the Wind."

The Klingon Empire is dying... and I think it deserves to die.

Like the established Klingon culture of TNG and DS9, the Catholic church is riddled with corruption at every level. And its leaders have been willing to go along with that corruption rather than rock the boat. I'm not saying everyone is a villain - I've tried to be careful to aim my accusations at the institution en masse and not at any one individual - but the whole hierarchy is based on hypocrisy, just like the supposedly honourable Klingons tolerated corrupt leaders for generations.

The Catholic church needs a Martok, not another Gowron or Duras.

And if it doesn't take the opportunity it has been presented with to put such a person on the throne - one who will actually embody the qualities the church claims to want to live up to and change the basic culture that led to the corruption - then it will die. And it will deserve to die because it could not change with the times. Survival of the fittest.

Hell, even the Ferengi learned you just can't get away with being a dick to half your population anymore.

Half of me wants them to place another Duras on the throne, so that the Church will continue to drive itself into the ground and die out, thus removing the evil it is responsible for from the world. But that ignores the evil it will still create in the meantime and the good it is actually capable of if it would only get its head out of its ass.

And the other half of me really wants a Martok, because as much as I have no interest in conforming to an organised religion and hate what the Catholic church (and others like it) have done to the world and people like me, I know a lot of people find genuine comfort and love in it and they deserve to have that, even though the corruption will be almost impossible to root out even with the best of intentions.

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