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Re: Help name the moons of Pluto

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Can we start a petition to name the Earth and the Moon. As names, they suck. I want to have a real name for the planet we live on, not a description of what's its made of.
Well, by science fiction convention, our planet should be named Humania. Or maybe Huma. Either that or Sol III.
Mass Effect is one of the few sci-fi settings (or at least one of the few recent ones) I can think of that avoids this trope. Humans are from Earth, obviously, and then there are the asari from Thessia, the turians from Palaven, and the salarians from Sur'Kesh, among others. Alien names are also treated as common nouns and not capitalized, as is the case with the word 'human.' Maybe it's not as unique as I'm thinking, but I found it kind of refreshing.
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