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Re: Caitians - height

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M'Ress being the only onscreen example of Caitians is a great excuse for postulating that she's just a wee kitten as far as her species goes. And if a source presents Caitians as an offshoot of Kzinti (like the FASA sourcebook does), then onscreen evidence is very much on the side of the 2-3 meter height range.

Timo Saloniemi
So what you say is that the other 2 Caitians seen on screen in ST4 are undersided too, right? From whole race that normally should be by that source towering 2.5 meters in average, dwarfing all other standing around them, there were selected by a simple coinsidence 3 representatives of the species for the screen that have not even 2 meters. Sorry, that is far from being called an onscreen evidence to support 2-3 meters range

Neither relation to Kzinti is an explanation. Kzinti may have 2.5 or 3 meters in height, so could the Ciatians have in ancient times, as they are/were predators. But the way some species looked like long time ago doesn't mean it'll look like the same forever. Evolution could cause Caitians getting smaller when they abandoned the hunting style of life. They could be getting smaller even before abandonment of hunting, if there was smaller prey on their new homeworld for which their extraordinary height and strength would be unnecessary or which wouldn't be so nutritious to cover the energetical requirements of the huge ancient Caitians. There are many reasons why the modern Caitians can be smaller, even IF their ancestors were ever much larger.

I don't say the 2-3 meters for Caitians can't be possible, but it has no strong enough evidence that it is the only possibility or that this variant should be more autoritative than others.

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But FASA is quite entitled to speculate just that way, and can plead canon support if it wants.

Timo Saloniemi
Where exactly the canonical appearance of Caitians support the FASA's statement of Caitian extraordinary height?
FASA's statement is actually contradicting the canonical appearance of Caitians in both FAS and ST4. There is not a tiny sign an ordinary Caitian would have 2-3 meters. All Caitians that appeared in canon did not have even 2 meters in height in fact.

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