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I work in retail management, it is an ok job but there are two major problems.

1) The "staff" you have to manage are usually always University students, they tend to be lazy and unreliable. They really don't want to be there and will do the bare minimum to keep their job and get paid. They push the boundaries to the absolute limit, and you have to be on top of them 24/7 when it feels like they really ought to know how to behave at work.

2. What I like to call "the glass ceiling"

The chain of command in retail is as follows.

Part Timer
Full Timer
Section Manager
Assistant Manager
Branch Manager


Area Manager
And Above

I got to Branch Manager with two years of hard work, and hit the glass ceiling. It seems to be nigh on impossible to go beyond without a Degree from university.

For me it's annoying as I didn't have the option to go to university due to having to help support the household when my parents were in financial difficulty, however the company hires graduates with degrees which have nothing to do with their position, and no experience.

An example of this is the recent hiring of a sport and leisure graduate as "Online manager", as far as I can tell she updates the facebook and twitter page, and does some other basic tasks. A Branch manager could have easily done this position, but they wanted a degree, and it didn't matter what it was in.

I'm now stuck in a position where I either go to university for 3 years, or try to break the glass ceiling somehow. It's frustrating as I feel I have a lot more to offer, but I may need to go back to school in order to progress, two steps back, one step forward.
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