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My job is one of the most people involved ones ever! Well, maybe not ever; but I do deal with a lot of really stupid, rude and just flat mundane people. I;m a cashier at a grocery store. I have to remember tons of produce and grocery codes in order to ring things that have no barcodes. I have to remember where everything is in the store to help people that have shopped there for years find something they've never bought before. I have to clean checkstands and count down tills. I have to cash out lottery tickets and issue tons of refunds because they'll buy something and later find out that it's the wrong item.

Hey, the good side of my job is that I don't have to worry about what I'm going to wear to work every day like I used to when I worked in clothing retail. I wear a blue, button down shirt with our store name embroidered on it; black trousers and a black apron with our store name embroidered on it. I'm technically supposed to tuck in my work shirt, but I can't because it's a men's and it doesn't fit 'round my hips properly and I'm also technically supposed to wear black socks with my uniform; but really, who's going to see my socks? Besides, I don't even own a pair of black socks. I hate them, they're so boring it's not even funny.

I can't even begin to tell you how many cuts and scrapes I get during a normal work shift. Pineapples and artichokes are the worst produce to handle because they cut you up like it's no one's business. Butter boxes, beer cases; and bills people use to pay me with are equally dangerous. You wouldn't normally think so, but my Gods; if you grab them wrong, they will literally cut you to the freakin' bone. Some of my worst cuts I've gotten on boxes of butter, beer bottle caps; and our paper bags. I have one on my arm from the top edge of a paper bag that actually needed stitches. Of course, they had me perform a urine test; but hey, if you get hurt bad enough that you break a bone or need stitches, it's required. Thank Rassilon that I didn't have anything incriminating.
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