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Re: Uhura replacing McCoy/Bones?

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I see no "drastic changes". We've just focused on Uhura a little bit for the first time ever, so the character comes off as more personated and better defined than she used to be, but there's nothing about the new Uhura that makes her dramatically different from the original Uhura, except for the fact that the character is played by a different actress and that it's not the 1960's anymore.
To quote the great John McEnroe: "You CAN NOT be serious!" Now I have heard it said the two McCoys are rather similar. They must be who you are thinking of.

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If she had a problem with her posting and had a legitimate arguement, why did she not raise it with the female officer who was issuing the billets?
She raised the issue with her superior officer, the one who made the decision in the first place.
Yeah and the way I saw it Spock was trying to appear fair by being unfair to her and he would have given her the posting on the Enterprise had they not being going out. She had every right to complain about that.
As I have said before (or if not I should have!), if Spock was so concerned about an obvious potential conflict of interest (a bit late btw) he should have excused himself from making Uhura's assignment. Now, especially in what was clearly a temporary assignment (where-after they should have all gone back to the academy to complete their damned training ), Uhura had no right to question her posting. There could easily have been a good reason for placing her on a another ship. Besides, if you start by letting people choose their own favourite billets (no matter how "entitled" and full of their own importance they are), where will it end?
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