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Re: your favourite moment of all time?

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those scenes in the final episode starting with Vic.....My only wish, and I know others have mentioned this, is for Worf's "looking back" scene to focus on his relationship with Jadzia rather than Ezri, or at least MOSTLY scenes with Jadzia. I understand that there were reasons behind the scenes. But it would be nice for that to be corrected if we ever get DS9 on blu-ray. It shouldn't be too difficult and hopefully enough time has passed that they can do it.
Absolutely seconded (though I don't think it will happen when DS9 reaches blu-ray )

tomalak301 wrote: View Post
I think my favorite moment of the series is the end of The Visitor:

"To my Father, who is coming home."
My wife cries throughout that whole episode, and I definitely tear up during many moments.

BillJ wrote: View Post
The scene in the Prophet recreated Saratoga corridor from Emissary:
Just introduced a friend to DS9 this weekend and he was shocked that that was the pilot, just because how good it was. I do think it's the best - so emotional, without playing on emotions cheaply.

Dale Sams wrote: View Post

I should've known better than to
trust you again. If you were a
true Klingon, I would kill you
where you stand. Fortunately for
you, that child's uniform shields
you from your rightful fate.

What I say now, I say as a member
of the House of Martok, not as a
Starfleet officer... you have
dishonored yourself and the
Empire. You are not worthy of
leading the Council.

For me, though there are moments which I think are better, none come close to capturing how I felt when I saw the epic Gowron/Worf fight when I first watched the show. When Worf was thrown through the glass, I was just in awe. Now yeah - I know Trek isn't exactly renown for its fighting choreography, and I've seen many, many far better fight sequences. But for some reason, in the context of the overreaching Klingon storyline, DS9, and the episode itself, that scene just wowed me more than any other.
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