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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

That Nubian princess wasn't the only one who is as tight-lipped as an Aldebaran shellmouth.

Tyrese asks Hershel who is in charge. No answer.
The people of Woodbury ask the governor what will come next. No answer.
Hershel asks Glenn what is wrong. No answer.
Hershel asks Maggie what is wrong. No answer.

This is from this one episode. I feel that many situations in this series arise because people aren't open.

Why didn't Andrea pistol whip that zombie?

Why didn't Rick's team spend the time to map the prison? Why are they constantly surprised that people and zombies keep popping up within the prison walls?

If I had to deal with a leader who is losing it, I hope I would have the courage to frag him. There are enough concerns and worries alone, and having a mentally unbalanced leader would only increase my anxiety and depression. I may get killed by the others, but at least I would know that I helped the group.

This is the first episode in a while where I got tired of the utter stupidity and stubbornness of these characters. Personally, I think that there would be people who would be behaving better than these characters in this scenario. I think the series is succumbing to Hollywood cliches about an apocalyptic scenario. I don't feel this show has the momentum to keep going after a fourth year.
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