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Re: The Hunted (nBSG)

“Commander!” shouted one of the officers of Pegasus as Mathias walked from CIC to his quarters. He stopped and turned around and frowned as Captain Myklos Zahn—one of his engineers—stormed forward.

“Yes, Captain?”

“You just had to dig through everything—and take the side of that Cylon bitch! Couldn’t let it go, oh no, not the high and mighty Commander Lorne! Never mind that we need those people to run this ship!”

Crew in the corridors stopped and stared as Mathias worked his jaw. “Captain Zahn,” he finally replied, “I suggest that unless you want to find yourself in the brig, you button it right now, Mister. This isn’t about the Cylon—it is about how we as a people conduct ourselves. I will not tolerate a rapist on this ship—on any ship that I command. Now, if you have a problem with that, speak with Colonel Caldwell—she will arrange a transfer to another vessel. But while you are here,” Mathias took a step forward and stared at the officer in his eyes, “on this ship, under my command, this incident had best never be repeated. Do you understand me?”

“Do you understand that my brother is among those you just had sentenced to fifteen years!” Zahn thundered. “My kid brother! The only kin I have left in this entire universe, you son of a bitch!”

Mathias shook his head. “Crewman,” he ordered to one of the enlisted men standing and staring at the confrontation in horror. “Summon the Master-at-arms—spending a few a hours in the brig might let you cool down, Mister Zahn,” he continued as he turned his gaze back on the distraught engineer. “I am sorry for your personal loss—but as to being the one who made damn certain your brother and the others are punished for their crimes? I have no regrets over that, Mister.”

The commander turned and he began to walk away, as Zahn stood there, his jaw working and his face a crimson red of anger and loss and frustration, and then someone shouted.


There was a thundering BANG—and Mathis stumbled and fell forward as a red-hot bolt of pain and agony stabbed him from behind. And the world faded to black.

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