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Re: So many horrible characters aboard the Voyager

The problem with our Spy Mistress draining the Indians sack is what happened after she shot herself up full of his swimmers?

Either she was already knocked up by Cullah, or Chuckles is shooting enough blanks that Cullah still inseminated his missus despite giving Chakotay a significant tortoise and the hair head start... And then there's fighting sperm. Maybe the Kazon sperm killed all the human sperm on their way to the uterus? Maybe even, Kazon sperm are such assholes that they attack eggs already fertilized by foreign donors?

And another gross question.

How many doses did she get out of Voyagers XO when he was tied up for her?




And if she ran out without nary any result... Would Seska have gone back to the spunk well for more?
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