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So I started with this show...

First I'm a big fan of RDM and his work on Trek.

And I liked the fact that this show has some deep themes.

But man, these shows... sucked!

I hated the camera work. Let's zoom in, not keep the camera steady, and zoom in some more at random intervals.

See, JJ did some similar "energetic" camera work on his Trek film, but at least his performers embued their roles with enough life to match the enegey of the camera. Two of the most reputed actors, Olmos and McDonnell, seem lifeless and stagnant, giving line readings that never change. I know he's the stoic captain, but when he checks up on Starbuck to see how she's making out fixing the raider, and when he announces that there's a potential threat on board, his tone is the same in both instances. Ther eis no difference. Every line he delivers is wooden and exactly the same. I like Olmos but I think tha Scott Glenn would have been a better choice, because Glenn portrayed a similar style of captain in Hunt for Red October, yet the actor sis some subtle things in that performance that let us know there was a human behind the character even if the captain and his command style was deliberately dispassionate.

Often five or six dramatic things will be brought up in two minutes of screen-time, then they will be all shelved for much later episodes.

THE CGI space scenes look like bad video games and lack the excitement and visceral energy of the old show.

Starbuck writing her name in duct tape on a raider so they'd recognize her... how ludicrous can you get?
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