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Re: Star Wars The Clone Wars Season Five News and Discussion

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This episode gave me an impending cringe of doom for Ahsoka. I was expecting a bomb to go off in the suspects apartment every time Ahsoka entered a room or turned on a light. I think it's the first time I felt any real suspense during a Clone Wars ep. I figure we'll get 1 more season of Clone Wars, so Ahsoka's impending possible demise is definitely in the back of my mind and I'm starting to see death around every corner
Yeah, I'll give the director(s) props for that suspense; I felt it too. But on the other hand, part of why I sensed danger was because of the way that Ahsoka and Anakin just rushed in to the apartment. I guess those two think that they can handle anything, but they really shouldn't be so cocky, because Jedi were killed in the explosion they were investigating. I almost wanted to give the writer(s) some demerits just for the way A&A rushed into danger so foolishly headstrong, but I kept coming back to the notion that that's their character.
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