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Re: TMP Director's Edition Coming To Blu-ray

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Again, it's unlikely there ARE any elements to recomposite.
The first season of The Next Generation used raw elements made for TMP. Even the new making of documentaries shows some of the visual effect shots done for TMP in their raw form.
I don't know about the doc stuff, but 1st season TNG's lifts were just stock lifts, not elements, at least the ones I remember. the approaching spacedock stuff in the binar show according to Cinefex involved pasting the -d OVER the Ent, and the San Francisco matte shot in the show with the bugs in Remmick was just a blown up or panNscanned version of the same shot from TVH.

The only original element stuff I'm aware of is some TIN MAN footage, a couple seconds' worth of TMP, and even there it is hard to know where it came from -- it could have been extra frames cut from a longer pre-final print so they seem new but were already on hand.

There's actually support for that in TWOK, inasmuch as it has an extended version of the same 'looking up at the spotlight thingie on the underside of the dish' shot that was in TMP, but the quality looked just as bad as the rest of the stock shots in TWOK (which is to say in the theater all that stuff looked like a dupe, contrasty as hell - not as evident on homevid, but that doesn't change anything else in the argument.)

But if you could provide a precis of what they say on this doc, I'd find it of great interest. Especially if it contradicts the stories from EEG/Apogee.
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