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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 72; Cover-up

SISKO: Go into the crawl space and sabotage some minor subsystem, my wife is in a bad mood, O'Brien says. He really owes me one.

GARAK: Wait. You actually wanted to hire me as a gardener?
SISKO: What did you think I meant? The arboretum desperately needs attention.
GARAK: Umm...nothing, Captain Sisko.
SISKO: Now I have a different task for you. I'd like you to investigate the mysterious disappearance of the ambassador from the plant people.

Major Kira reluctantly participates in O'Brien's Little Rascals holo-novel.

The face isn't the only body part that Odo has trouble with.

TAIN: Stupid Federation. We're going to win this war for you. Why? Because we're smart. Way smarter than you Federation types. All the Federation is good for is falling into traps. Federation idiots.
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